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Online Catalog


 Standard Boring Bars

 Radial Relief - Straight Flute

 Helical Back Rake (HB25-HB120L)

 Helical Back Rake (HB135-HB480L)

 Helical Boring Bars

 CBN - PCD - Diamond Tipped Boring Bars

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 Deluxe Holders

 Coolant Holders

 Back Stops

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 TiALN Coated & Uncoated

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 Full Radius

 Retaining Ring

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 Normal & Short Straight Flute Thread Mills

 Normal & Short Series Helical Thread Mills

 Staggered Tooth - Carbide

 T15 High Speed Steel - TiCN Coated

 NPT Pipe Straight Flute - Solid Carbide

 NPT Pipe Straight Flute - Carbide Staggered Tooth

 NPT Pipe Helical Flute - Solid Carbide

 Normal & Short Metric - Straight Flute

 Normal & Short Metric - Helical Flute

 Single Profile Thread Mills

 TMLR Series - Long Reach

 Solid Carbide Thread Mills - Valueline Helical Flute

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 MS33649-S - Solid Pilot

 MS33649-R - Reamer Pilot

 AND10050-S - Solid Pilot

 AND10050-R - Reamer Pilot

 MS16142-S(SAE J514) O-Ring Boss - Solid Pilot

 MS16142-R(SAE J514) O-Ring Boss - Reamer

 MS33514 - Carbide Tipped

 AND10050-RL - Reamer

 MS33649-RL - Reamer

 (SAE) AS1300 for Rosan Cavity PS-10035

 Tapered Pipe Reamer

 ISO 6149-1:1993(E)

 British Standard Parallel Pipe

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